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BAMWorks/Webcraft™ (BW/W) is a small business for Internet services and World Wide Web crafts. BW/W is me, Benjamin A Miller -- an independant, freelance contractor who provides web site design, development and maintenance services to small businesses, creative and educational enterprises, and individuals who desire a personal, handcrafted touch to their online needs.

I have experiences in computer information systems, web site development, writing, editing, computer graphics, music, theater, sound engineering, communications, business, and the hobby of gaming (with a focus on interactive fiction). I have a B.A. in English (UW 1983), Certification in Computer Information Systems (NSCC 1990), and Certification in Fiction Writing (UW Extension, SF/F, 1994). I bring all my skills and knowledge together to creatively express myself online or to help others fulfill their dreams. Among my projects is


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For more information on my custom websites or other services, or to request any, please write to:

Benjamin A Miller
BAM Works/Webcraft
PO Box 21809
Seattle, WA 98111-3809

or e-mail:


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