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Welcome to FOKUS!

About FOKUS:

The Friends of Kafka's Uncle Society (FOKUS), an artists support group, was started by Bruce Taylor in 1995. The name Kafka's Uncle comes from the title of a recently published book by Bruce titled, Kafka's Uncle And Other Strange Tales (www.afterbirthbooks.com/catalog.htm#kafka ), a collection of surrealist and magic realist stories and two surrealist novellas -- Kafka's Uncle and The Humphrey Bogart Blues. Bruce is the current chairperson of FOKUS; Bob Olson is the editor of the newsletter, which costs $15 a year in printed format, or you can choose to access it online in our Newsletters section.

On the first Sunday of every month FOKUS meets to celebrate creativity with artists and art-lovers. (Sometimes the meeting date has to be changed to a Sunday later in the month.) The gathering, which includes a potluck and a donation to help defray the cost of mailing the newsletter, starts about 4 P.M. and goes into the evening.

Based on the philosophy of The Artists' Way by Julia Cameron and the "Share-a-thon", found in ARTS (Artists Recovering Through Twelve Steps), the gathering seeks to provide a safe place for people to share their art. Our atmosphere is non-competitive and we appreciate and encourage all the various forms in which creativity and art manifests itself. On any given evening, we may have poetry readings, music, paintings, story readings, drawn book art, dance, etc. You may bring art-loving friends and choose to share or not. FOKUS is a joyful celebration of creativity; it is not a critique group. We do not allow religious pedagogy, homophobia, racism, sexism, bigotry, etc. in the disguise of "Art." That has no place with us, nor does arrogance or condescension. The joy of sharing is our style.

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Last updated:  March 25, 2006